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Click to see video: How to play footgolf by coach Namphu.

Like any sport, footgolf requires understanding of the game for a player to excel.

While it is a new sport, there is no novelty in the essentials to pick-up footgolf.

There are many different ways to strike a soccer ball; inside foot, outside foot, toe-poking or practically using any part of the body to manipulate the ball in one stroke apart from using your hands and arms. Being creative with how you play each shot is why we even think about playing footgolf!

Score counting.

If you are not familiar with golf, there is nothing to worry as score counting in footgolf is basically counting how many kicks/shots you make before the ball goes into the hole. It is that simple.

In footgolf there are 18 holes per game and your total score is compared to what is based on a Par 72 system. Taking less than 72 shots in total means you are "under par" and of course going over 72 is called "over par". An example is total score 69 which is converted to "3 under par". On the other hand, total score of 75 will be "3 over par".

Each individual hole has its benchmark par typically par 3, par 4, or par 5. The higher par suggests longer distance and required more shots to reach the hole. The gold standard is to pot the ball according to its par value and to excel further is to reduce the number of shots taken even lower.

Score names.

By knowing each hole has different "par" value, we can then learn how to call these scores by hole! A great way to sum up your performance at the end of each hole.

The Good

"PAR" shots taken equals par

"BIRDIE" shots taken -1 from par

"EAGLE" shots taken -2 from par

"Hole-in-one" only 1 shot taken

The Bad

"BOGEY" shots taken +1 from par

"Double Bogey" shots taken +2 from par

"Triple Bogey" shots taken +3 from par

"Double Par" shots taken is 2 times par


Footgolf is simple and fun. By knowing how to count your score, you can begin to improve your game. Try to reduce total score or to hit a "BIRDIE" from time to time! G'luck!

You can play footgolf just 1 hour from Hua-hin/Cha-am area at Sawang Resort Golf Club.

For more details please contact

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