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First ever FOOTGOLF OPEN @ Sawang Resort

Its my first ever web post and it is about something new and exciting at Sawang Resort. Some of our guests may have already experience this new sport, it's FOOTGOLF.

What Santa brought this holidayis nothing short of a surprise as Sawang Resort organised our first ever Footgolf Open! On one fine day at Khao Yoi, Petchaburi, 20 players of all ages from across Thailand came to contest for who will be the first footgolf champion. The game is simple; strike as few shots as possible into the hole.

The tournament was run over two rounds, each consisting of 18 footgolf holes/ par 72.

It was not all easy for the contestants as the course provides enough challenge with high angle slopes and water hazards to cross the ball across.

After much fun, sweat, and suspense the worthy winners were crowned. Sawang Footgolf Champion is Khun Arnon (Ake) who won by just 2 strokes. Traveled from Bangkok Khun Ake is a part-time football player and now a footgolf fan.

Interviewing our champion about his day, Khun Ake explained, "It is like playing golf, you got to plan your shots. I learned the hard way with my ball falling into the water hazard on the 4th hole. From there I picked up my game and never looked back. I recommend this sport and want this tournament to continue over the years."

Happy contestants from all ages at the Footgolf Open 2017.

Our winners at the Sawang Footgolf Open 2017.

From left: Park (manager at Sawang Resort), Khun Ake (Champion), Khun Namphu (1st Runner-up) and Khun Note (2nd Runner-up).


Footgolf is a trending sport in Europe and America followed by a sporting standard and rules under Federation for International Footgolf FIFG.​

While golf is still the main attraction at Sawang Resort, footgolf has emerged as an extremely fun activity on the face of Khao Yoi, Petchaburi. Alongside Santorini Park, Camel Republic, or Cha-am Beach, the footgolf adds more outdoor activity choices to travelers from Hua-hin or a real sport for footgolf experts.

The sport is easy to approach with only normal sporting attire and suitable futsal/football shoes required and you are ready to go. The rule is simple; play as little shots as possible through 18 footgolf holes. Penalty applies as in golfing rules. One game takes 1.5-2 hours depending on group size and traffic.

Our footgolf holes were specially made from United Kingdom with cup and pin sizes on par with official footgolf standards. Our course is beautiful with mountain views and all clubhouse facilities such as changing rooms, shower, and restaurants.

contact us for more information Khun Mina - 032-899-747

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