March 8, 2018

Its my first ever web post and it is about something new and exciting at Sawang Resort. Some of our guests may have already experience this new sport, it's FOOTGOLF.

What Santa brought this holidayis nothing short of a surprise as Sawang Resort organised our first ever Footgolf Open! On one fine day at Khao Yoi, Petchaburi, 20 players of all ages from across Thailand came to contest for who will be the first footgolf champion. The game is simple; strike as few shots as possible into the hole.

The tournament was run over two...

February 19, 2018

안녕하세요~ ! 

오늘은 두번째 블로그가 비수기의 특별한 페키지를 소개해보겠습니다.

한국분들이 태국 (타이) 마사지가 좋더라

또 여름때는 골프뿐만 아니고 여행, 관광, 구경도 하면 얼마나 좋은 여름될지 모르겠잖아요.

그러므로 태국을 사랑하고 

타이 마사지 좋고 

여행도 좋아하면은..

사왕cc에 올때 페키지 이름 : "Spa Resort Package 5 days" 으로 하면 좋겠네요~! 

페키지가 뭐뭐 있냐면 

4.5일 라운딩 [162홀]

후아힌 투어 1회*

매일 1시간 30분 타이 마사지 [5회]

왕복 공항 픽업


전일정 식사

올 포함 가격 449,000원으로 합니다!~ 

 Tee OFF!

 늘 맛있는 음식

 후아힌 야시장에서 망고~

 편하게 받는 타이 마사지

*랍스터 + 맥주 옵션으로 하면 +50,000원...

February 9, 2018

Feeling hungry while on the road? Looking for a bite that wont bite you back? Well we have combined the good places that will guarantee a "happy ending" - a full belly that is.

In this blog I would like to introduce three must-visit restaurants and their must-try dishes with the general price range and spice-meter - those who cant eat spicy please prepare a glass of cola before you continue reading :D

1. Krua Kannikar Fried Chicken (behind Hua-hin train station)

Price: $$

Spice-o-meter: ****

This restaurant is probably the only...

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